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Plastic Crusher & Granulator for Bottle, Lump, Pipe, PET, ABS

A plastic granulator ensures smooth size reduction of plastic and rubbery products, such as PP, PE, PET, PVC in all sizes. The plastic crusher is usually used as secondary shredding due to its high rotational speed and sharp blades. Featuring robust welded steel construction and stable operation, but during crushing, metal and similar hard

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PDF) Designing portable chopping plastic waste machine utilizing

The design of a portable plastic waste counter machine aims to create a waste recycling tool, so that waste can be recycled into useful items and and create an environmental balance. To focus the

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Design and Construction of a Low Cost Plastic Shredding

Design and Construction of a Plastic Shredder Machine for Recycling and Management of Plastic Wastes · International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research.

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PDF PRODUCT CATALOG - plastic-crusher.comPDF

world. We have over 20 years of experience in machine engineering and technological development of plastic recycling systems. Over the years, we have improved and optimized our recycling machines and enlarged our product range in order to offer our clients the best possible machines and service. COMPANY PROFILE - 1 - Factory

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PRODUCT CATALOG - POKS Machinery | Plastic Recycling

INDUSTRIAL CRUSHERS - 5 - Description: Industrial crusher for heavy and bulky objects. Specialized for most common materials. Capable to be permanently

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Best Powerful Plastic Crusher Manufacturer and Factory | LESINTOR

5. The design of the blanking hopper, crushing chamber and filter screen is easy to disassemble and wash. 6. The small machine is equipped with casters, which is convenient to move. The large machine is equipped with adjustable shock-absor feet.And these accessories can make machine work stably

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Design of impact stone crusher machine - Citefactor

regarding the crushing machine. Surveying different literature (journals and books) about the stone crusher machine [4]. Fig. 2. Design Methodology 2.1 Concept Generation Developing different concept on how to design the machine regarding the appearance2.

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PDF Fabrication of Crusher Machine for Waste Plastic Material - ErnetPDF

Handling of plastic wastes can be done effectively. Conclusion: The crusher machine crushed the bottle as per our requirement. The time taken to crush the bottle was 2 seconds. Since it is a portable one it can be used in malls, offices and in public places. This project also helps in protecting the environment as it crushes the plastic wastes.


Design and Fabrication of Crusher Machine for Plastic Wastes 56 1. Conceptualize the idea of crushing the waste plastic material and packing 2. To reduce the carriage problem 3. To

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PDF Design and Fabrication of - IJIRSETPDF

The above design procedure is been adopted for the fabrication of fully automatic machine which will make the product durable for the long time as well as make it efficient and also helps to understand the concept of design. Thus with the help of this design we can fabricate an automatic machine to simply reduce the

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PDF Design and Fabrication Recycling of Plastic System - IJSERPDF

Step 1- Plastics collection This is done through roadside collections, special recycling bins and directly from industries that use a lot of plastic. Step 2 - Manual sorting At this stage nails and stones are removed, and the plastic is sorted into three types: PET, HDPE and 'other'. Step 3 - Chipping

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